Notary Dr. Till Schemmann

  • Legal studies in Bonn, Hamburg, Munich, Cambridge (LL.M.)
  • Notarassessor (Acting notary) from 1998 to 2000 in Heilsbronn and Hilpoltstein
  • Managing Director of the Bundesnotarkammer (Federal Chamber of Notaries) in Berlin until 2005
  • Lecturer at Humboldt University of Berlin from 2004 to 2007
  • Notary in Munich since 2005 - successor to notary Dr. Gerrit Brachvogel



Notary Dr. Till Schemmann
Notary Dr. Till Schemmann

Notary Dr. Helene Ludewig

  • Born and brought up in Munich
  • Legal studies in Heidelberg
  • Notarassessorin (Acting notary) in Mühldorf and Munich
  • Managing Director of the Notarkasse AdöR (Notaries’ Fund) in Munich until 2007
  • Notary in Munich since 2007 - successor to notary Horst Bender
  • President of the Notarkasse AdöR (Notaries’ Fund) since 2020
Notary Dr. Helene Ludewig
Notary Dr. Helene Ludewig

Notarasesssor (Acting notary) Andreas Greger

A Notarassessor is a fully qualified lawyer assigned to a notary for training until he or she can apply for his or her own notarial position. A Notarassessor acts in place of an absent notary in notarisations, meetings and for other official acts and often takes on the handling of particularly complicated matters.

Notarassessor Andreas Greger
Notarassessor Andreas Greger


In order to prepare and follow up your notarisations and appointments quickly and accurately, many qualified employees work on behalf of the notaries. In particular, for each matter in question there is a person responsible for keeping the relevant file, and he or she is available to you as your primary contact who can provide information on the state of affairs in your case.




Vera Dietl

Reception, certifications, office organisation

Ronny Dizinger

Inspektoranwärter i.N. (Candidate inspector in notarial service), company law, property law

Sennur Gharbi

Property law, company law, applications for certificates of inheritance

Martina Hackner

Execution of documents

Joni-Sabina Hinz

Execution of documents

Christina Huber

Property law, company law, applications for certificates of inheritance

Sandra Di Tano

Execution of documents

Yannick Naithani

Notary clerk apprentice

Angelika Ruttar

Company law, property law

Annika Sailer

Company law, property law

Petra Scharf


Mirjana Schubert

Property law, inheritance law, marriage and family law

Verena Sommer

Amtfrau i.N. (Senior civil servant in notarial service), property law, inheritance law, marriage law and family law

Anna Isabella Steiner

Notary clerk apprentice

Michaela Traunspurger

Execution of documents, law of associations

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